From the Garden | Picking Plants

We recently ventured down to the nursery to pick out seed packets and starts for our summer garden. Having a vegetable garden has been a really fun experience, never having grown up gardening more than potted plants (and killing them). Getting the kids out there in the dirt and involved in the process has been an added bonus as well! Matt will come from work and we will all go out to the garden and pick our own veggies to use for dinner. It's a fun family tradition that we all look forward to at the end of the day.
I've talked about this in a past post, but our kids love to help out in the kitchen and I think that helps them feel more interested in trying new foods...a.k.a. healthier foods.
Hank had a really fun time helping us pick out our tomato starts. Both my kids love tomato's! Which was a surprise to me because I didn't start liking them until I was in my twenties.
It was a gorgeous Spring day for pickin' some veggies!
How cool that they had a sandbox for the kids! We even ran into a friend from school.

Isn't she adorable? I had that same exact hairstyle when I was her age. #bob

When did they get so big?! Can someone please tell me?
We worked up quite the appetite and headed out to lunch where the boys had some ketchup with a side of burger.
I love him and how much he loves our babies.

We've spent a few evenings this week planting. We, a.k.a. Matt. An update on that coming your way soon!


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