Weekend Fun | Easter Sunday

I know, I know...

Easter was like weeks ago, but you know what? Life got in the way, yo. Here are some pictures from that weekend:
We tried out a new church that had a Saturday night service. It was pretty convenient to not have to rush out the door on Easter Sunday morning.

Our boys must have homing devices to any close-by playground.

 Sunday, we had a nice relaxing brunch at Grammy and Pop's house and the boys got to hunt for eggs before the rain started.




 Ollie, just letting us know what she thinks about the egg hunt.

Grammy came up with a GENIUS idea for a candy-free egg hunt. She filled the eggs with a few coins each. I brought the boys piggy banks with us and they had so much fun putting all the coins in their banks afterwards. Added bonus: placing coins in a piggy-bank is a GREAT eye-hand coordination activity! Obvi this needs parental supervision. #chokinghazard

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter as well!


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