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Our youngest, Jack, has struggled with eczema since he was three or four months old when little patches started to develop on his upper arms. It would get better, here and there, but it never fully went away. It seemed to worsen during the spring time and with certain laundry detergents or brands of baby wash. I tried everything, including any ointment or lotion marketed to treat eczema. Nothing seemed to truly get rid of it. Poor Jack would have the worst scratches all over his arms from the itchiness, and we felt so hopeless because we didn't know how to help him. I even tried switching him to goat milk instead of cows milk because I heard that can be easier digested, and that sometimes eczema can be caused from a food intolerance. Well good ole Jackers wanted NO part of his new "delicious" goat milk.
I have spoken to several different doctors and none of their remedies seemed to work. Hydro-cortisone cream seemed to make him more comfortable but it didn't get rid of the dry patches. I even had a doctor tell me to give him a "bleach bath." Apparently that is an actual thing. What if they swallow some of the bath water?! Not to mention, doesn't your skin absorb some of the bleach? That was just an option we were not willing to try.
It wasn't until I recently headed to our local health food store, Briar Patch, that I found this amazingness:

The salesperson who helped me really knew what she was talking about, because this shit WERKS!

It's by a company named Wild Carrot, they make an adult eczema cream and one for babies called Baby Carrot. I'm told it is the same product, just different packaging. But let me tell you, this stuff is a miracle worker. It contains Borage oil, which comes from a flower and it is a great natural remedy for many things, eczema included! Seriously, look it up, there's a list a mile long of benefits. Borage oil, who knew?

My new best friend also recommended that I buy this flax and borage oil supplement:

 I mix it into some yogurt for Jack and he doesn't even know it's there. I started using both these products and, I kid you not, within 2 days it was almost completely gone. It has been a few weeks now, and it's probably 90-95% gone. Plus I haven't seen him itching himself at all. I have talked to a few other moms with kids with eczema and it can be such a difficult and frustrating journey to figure out what is triggering it. Either way, this combo of products seems to really be working for us and I hope it can help other little one's too!

Here's the link to the company's website to find your nearest Borage Oil Butter/ Wonder Cream retailer.

Here's Briar Patch's website, if you are local and want more information on these products.


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