Potty Training | Week Two

Aren't they cute? I'm lucky.

I wanted to give you all an update on how Henry's potty training is going. Long story short, its going great! He's hardly had any accidents, and none the second week at all. I only wish I hadn't waited so long to buy and book, roll up my sleeves, and just get the job done. If you missed my post last week, this is the book I used. I highly recommend it, and it was a quick and (oddly) entertaining read. This transition from diapers to underwear has been such a positive one for Henry, and now that he's a "big boy" he has taken on a few other "big boy" responsibilities. He likes to dress himself, and he has gotten SO much better at feeding himself- something that's always been a battle. It's like now that he knows he's a "big boy" he knows he needs to do many more "big boy" things. It's the cutest thing to see. It's also very entertaining to watch him dress himself.

We have also begun to tackle the dreaded night training portion of potty training. He still likes to have milk before bed, so I have been trying to give him a little less than I normally do. Sometimes he notices though. Kids are very perceptive...when they want to be. Haha. 

This has been my plan, and so far so good:
*have him go pee one last time before tucking him into bed at night
*put him to bed without a diaper on and remind him of the drill i.e. "If you have to go potty, you go in your special potty because you're a big boy now." 
*go into his room before I go to bed, which is usually a few hours after he goes to sleep, and take him to his potty. Surprisingly he always "goes" and appears to be sound asleep... I have to literally hold him up. 
*then, all ninja-style, put a diaper on him and tuck him into bed. I do this while he is layin in his bed. My thought behind this is that he never knows he's "getting to have a diaper." 
*the minute he wakes-up in the morning, I take him straight to his little potty and take his diaper off and make him pee. I also remind him that this diaper is only for nighttime. 

He has woken up with a dry diaper every day since doing this! I probably could ditch the night diaper now, but I'm just not ready to change sheets in the middle of the night yet....

Here are a few potty training tips and tricks I have picked up:
*Always bring a change of clothes for your little one when venturing out 
* I keep an extra "potty" in the back of my car, it sounds weird but it's much better than having to always know where the bathrooms are.
* Hand sanitizing wipes are your new best friend. I keep the individuality wrapped ones in my purse and diaper bag, and I keep a tub of them in my car. Public bathrooms are disgusting and your little one will most likely touch everything. I've found that trying to wash hands in a public restroom can be hard because they're never tall enough, plus they just want to play in the water and make a mess. And, if you have another little one with you, it can be a bit overwhelming. Enter... hand sanitizing wipes! I like the "Wet Ones" brand.   
* Make sure there is plenty of wine in the house, you'll need it once they go to bed.
* Puppy pads or doggy training pads are great to lay down on the couch, their bed, or even in the car seat if you're nervous about accidents.
* I layered Hanks crib sheets, with waterproof crib pads in between. This way, if he has a naptime or night time accident, I can take that sheet and pad off and there's already another sheet underneath. It makes for much faster bedding changes. 
* Remember to have patience, and when you don't, remember the wine idea listed above.

Feel free to leave a comment and let me know if you have any other tips! Xo


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