My Boys

I'm just going to keep this post short and sweet. We had a nice little day at home today with no errands to run. This is a good glimpse at the relationship between my two boys. They are only 19 months apart and are constantly up in each others business. They're always on the go. One minute they love each other and the next they are literally ripping each others hair out. 


This sequence of photo's was cracking me up and I thought I'd share. Notice their facial expressions- especially Henry's.

This is a nice little seat

Hmm...should I try and take his ball?

Maybe I'll try and win him over with a kiss first

...that didn't work

I really want that ball


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is as long as they ever sit still for. Happy Tuesday!


  1. omg please tell me Hank has his shoes on the wrong feet. That is my favorite thing ever.

    1. You know it! We're going through a big "I do it" phase.

  2. "I really want that ball" hahaha


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